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Moderco® Operable Partitions

Moderco Partitions For Your Office Or Workspace

Moderco is a leading international manufacturer of manual and electric Operable Partitions, Accordion Doors, Glass Walls and Gymnasium Dividers. Together in Northern California with Commercial Systems, a factory trained installing distributor, we can assist you in fullfilling your space division requirements.

If you’re in the process of designing the floor layout of your business workspace and you have functional flexibility in mind, it’s imperative to look into products that offer good versatility for space utilization.

Operable partitions offer significant solutions for both big and small spaces because the size of useful space can be altered quickly. Stacking all the panels to one side can open up space, creating more room for group presentations, all hands meetings or any other fuction that your large group may require.

Moderco operable partitions offer you that flexibility in design options, and more.

Moderco Operable Partitions provide significant acoustic separation between rooms that today’s environments require. Users will find that the partitions are easy and convenient to operate. Many layouts can be motorized for further ease of setup.

Moderco operable partitions allow you to easily create a smart floor layout and an architectural design element of your space. All of which will maximize productivity of your staff and your space.

Moderco Operable Partitions - 700 Series


Moderco® 700 Series

Value priced, with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Built with a state of the art manufacturing process, this construction provides a welded, durable, unitized panel that will last for years of rugged use. Flexible layout options and budget concious pricing make this model a top choice.

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Moderco Operable Partitions - 8000 Series


Moderco® Signature 8000

The Signature 8000 panels are made for durability and versatility

Flexibility in design and options with limitless finishes from the traditional to the extra-ordinary, the Signature 8000 Series of Operable partitions are made with the Architect and Designer in mind. Available in a multitude of STC ratings.

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Moderco Operable Partitions - Crystal Series


Moderco® Crystal Series

The ultimate combination of glass, acoustic and space separation with flexibility.

Your imagination now has a solution to the vision of your open office. Visually stunning design combinations, with ease of use and reasonable STC ratings. The name on the top of your list should be Crystal.

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Moderco Operable Partitions - Unifold Series


Moderco® Unifold Series

Moderco Unifold partitions can help you maximize the flexibility of your facility.

A traditional accordion door can still be an effective solution for many environments. Designed to separate and control sight, and sound. Perfect for small meeting rooms, and cost conscious applications. The Unifold is a durable, attractive, cost-effective, easy to use partition.

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Flexibility. Versatility. Cost-efficiency.

Moderco has made improvements with the choice of materials for the partitions and made sure that they lock in completely to their position when spread out for improved soundproofing. These details are a big advantage to workplaces, classrooms and other learning and working facilities so people can concentrate better on work and not get distracted by all the action in the room next to it.

Divide Your Office Space with a variety of Operable Partition options

Of course, you can’t overlook the fact that the wide range of Moderco operable partitions offers you the opportunity to find a design that can really work well with the interior style you’re going for. You have the option to go for partitions made of numerous opaque, translucent glass, metallic, laminates, digital graphic images and other leading edge design materials. Finally your operable wall can integrate with your adjacent finishes. Chic and sophisticated are now achievable in an operable wall. Whatever your aesthetic requirements may be, there are solutions that Moderco operable partitions can provide to help you achieve your design objectives.

The details Make the Difference

Moderco makes both quality and customer service paramount. From the basic engineering to achieve various STC performance ratings, to panel construction, to track selection and to options to support your design objectives… The client is the focus of Moderco’s company. Continuous review of quality and efficient manufacturing processes, maintaining reasonable lead times and environmentally sustainable processes is a corporate focus for Moderco. When it comes to durability, the choices above guarantee you superior craftsmanship to ensure many years of service.

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