Glass Operable Partitions

Natural Lighting and Sound Control

Glass Operable Partitions, Moderco Crystal 200

The Moderco Crystal 200 panels have double glazing for sound control and tempered glass for safety. These panels provide natural lighting and visibility.

Quality Glass

Double glazing with 3″ air space
Lab tested Sound Transmission Class of 44 (STC)
1/4″ tempered glass compliant with ASTM C1048

Interlocking Astragals

The interlocking astragals provide superior rigidity and acoustics. These glass panels can be mixed with Signature 800 solid panels.

Individual and Paired Panels

Enhance layout flexibility with lateral, remote, or center panel stacking options.

  • Frame color with anodizing or powder coating
  • Glass finishes in acid-etched, frosted, sand-blasted, painted, or etched designs
  • Remote-controlled horizontal blinds for added privacy
  • Frictionless movability with manually operated top and bottom retractable seals
  • Marker board insets
  • ADA-compliant pass door and pivot closure panel

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Gain natural lighting and sound control with acoustical glass panels.

Materials and Specifications

  • 4″ panel thickness
  • Panel width up to 48.5″
  • All panels are manually operated and top supported
  • Steel and aluminum alloy frame for strength and panel protection
  • Aluminum and vinyl interlocking seals for superior shock absorbency, deep nesting, and impact resistance
  • Anodized tempered aluminum for the suspension system’s track and soffit trim
  • Remote or side stacking individual panels are supported by steel-precision ground bearings and dual horizontal wheel trolley assemblies made with glass-reinforced, self-lubricating nylon
  • Center stacking single-point panels are supported by 4-wheeled carrier with steel-precision ground bearings
Easy Operation
  • Retractable or automatically deployed seal options for frictionless movability.
  • Final panel partition closure can be telescopic or pivot closure panel.

Glass Panels – MODERCO CRYSTAL 200

Enjoy the aesthetics and lighting of an open layout while maintaining sound control with Moderco Crystal 200 acoustic glass panels. Find out how the Moderco Crystal 200 Series will innovate and brighten your space.