Creating Highly Efficient Meeting Rooms With Customized Marker Boards

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It’s imperative for company headquarters to be equipped with the right materials to ensure smooth and productive operations at all times. Every integrated component has to serve a particular purpose in the processes carried out by the business; otherwise, it would just be a complete waste of useful space.

We make it easy with custom marker boards for you to teach, collaborate and share.

Big marker boards customized for your office in San JoseOne of the most important processes of a business is brainstorming – this is the aspect of operations wherein ideas flow so the business can achieve its primary goals and create new ones that would push operations forward. Every member takes his turn to contribute something, and explains comprehensively the value of his idea to the set objective. But his idea will fall a bit flat if he would just go on and on explaining abstract concepts that his audience still need to work out in their heads. Thus, visual aids are necessary in engaging listeners and making them see the relevance of what’s being discussed better.

Large dry erase boards make it simple to share ideasWant Something Unique?
We customize large dry erase boards just for any size meeting space.
However, in brainstorming sessions, not everybody comes with visual aids ready — most of the time, the ideas are sparked during the meeting. This is where marker boards prove their value as must-have features for all types of meeting rooms; they make it easier to teach, create, innovate and share. One person can take to the board and illustrate the solution he’s come up with and other members can study what he’s presented better that way, instead of playing with the idea inside their heads. And if they have their own ideas on how to further improve what’s presented on the board, they can easily do so. That’s the beauty of a large dry erase board — you can add and omit as you please. It’s important to mention as well that with the help of these marker boards, duplicate efforts can be prevented; every person in the meeting can follow the flow of discussion because of what’s noted on the board.

So, in the creation of highly efficient meeting rooms, it’s important to include marker boards, and make sure they are good quality and perfectly suitable to the design of the room and the activities conducted within it.

Commercial Systems, the leading provider of architectural specialty products in the Bay Area and the rest of Northern California, has customized marker boards that will allow organizations to teach, collaborate and share. They are all quick to install, magnetic for easy storage of marker pens and erasers, high quality, durable, and cost-effective.