Accordion Doors - Unifold Series


Moderco® Unifold Series

Moderco Unifold accordion doors can help you maximize the flexibility of your facility.

Designed to separate and control sight, and sound. Perfect for small classrooms or meeting rooms. Attractive, cost-effective, easy to use.

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Moderco Unifold Accordion Doors: Flexible Space Solutions

Whatever kind of venue you may offer—classrooms, sports centers, convention centers, concert halls, training centers, or meeting rooms, for example—your goal is to be able to provide for each specific space requirement.

That means that your facility must be able to accommodate small or large groups. It has to allow easy communication during employee training sessions, as well as sufficient space for trade exhibits. If different events are taking place at separate areas of a single facility, there must be a way to keep noise levels and traffic contained on both ends.

All these can be accomplished if you have the right partitions for your space—such as the Moderco Unifold Accordion Doors.

Operable Partitions by Moderco


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What is it?

Moderco Unifold is the provision you need when it comes to room dividers. With this equipment, a spaces of different sizes can be transformed as needed, all the while effectively separating and controlling sites, sights, and sounds.

These accordion doors are everything you or your clients need them to be: Highly attractive, easy to operate, cost effective, durable, flexible, and comes with a high acoustical performance.

Here are some of Moderco Unifold’s key features:

• Both ranges of acoustical and non-acoustical doors available
• Rigid laminated covering (factory-applied reinforced vinyl, vertical ribbed carpet, or polyolefin stain-resistant fabric); there are no visible seams, fabric buttons or seams
• Robust sliding type handle mounted on a full height steel post, with a V-shaped acoustical moulding
• High quality aluminum ceiling guard that looks good for years (comes with a 10-year warranty)
• Acoustical top and bottom sweep strip
• Has full height u-shaped steel channels for increased rigidity
• Weight between 2.2 and 7.6 lbs./sq. ft. (11 and 37 kg/sq. m.), plus or minus 1lb, based on selected model
• Accordion doors are manually operated and top supported according to model; doors come with a 14GA steel internal pantograph system
• Acoustical performance tested at an independent laboratory in accordance with ASTM E90 Test Standards; dual covers attached to the pantographs result in superior acoustics
• Independent key lock with changeable cylinder for master key system (available as an option)
• Accessories can include: sliding panel, rolling post, curved track, glide switch, and L-, T-, or X-type lead post.

For every need and budget, there is Moderco Unifold partition model to match. Designed to be flexible and made to last, these partitions offer top quality and excellent performance for every space setup. The result? Events, activities and sessions that proceed as planned, without noise disruptions or challenges with traffic flow and containment.