Accordion Doors Partition

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Moderco Unifold

Transform any space into multiple rooms to accomodate both large and small groups with easy to use accordion doors. Add space customizability to any venue, including classrooms, convention centers, concert halls, or meeting rooms.

Cost Effective and Easy to Use

The Moderco Unifold accordion doors are durable and built to last many years with a steel internal system. They are manually operated and top track-mounted, making them sturdy and easy to use. The accordion doors are a cost effective solution to space partitioning.

Control Noise Level and Traffic

Separate areas of a single facility while controlling noise and traffic and maintaining easy access. A range of acoustical doors (STC 31, 35, 40, 44) with acoustical top and bottom sweep strips are available for noise control. Acoustical performance was tested at independent laboratory in compliance with ASTM E90 Test Standards.

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See how accordion doors can maximize your space utilization and improve sound control.
Materials and Specifications

Rigid cover with no visible hinges, seams, or fabric buttons


High quality aluminum ceiling guard


Full height U-shaped steel channels


14GA steel internal pantograph system


Robust sliding type handle mounted on a full height steel post, with a V-shaped acoustical moulding


Single or bi-part configuration


Dual covers attached to pantographs for additional sound control


Finishes: Vinyl, Fabric, Carpet


Independent key lock with changeable cylinder for master key system (available as an option)


Accessories can include: sliding panel, rolling post, curved track, glide switch, and L, T, or X-type lead post


Easy to use and durable accordion doors are a practical and affordable venue or office layout partitioning system. Discover how Moderco Unifold accordion doors can transform your space today.