Room Partitions- Signature 8000


Moderco® Signature 8000

The Signature 8000 room partitions are made for durability and variability

Traditional finishes are vinyl, fabric, and carpet. These finishes are offered in a wide range of options and suitable for any space or application.

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The Signature 8000 Series: Design and Flexibility in One Durable Operable Partition

The Moderco 8000 panels are made to last. This is achieved with the use of strong steel reinforced aluminum alloy frame. The sturdy frame, however, will do more than simply provide stability and strength throughout its use. It is also going to protect the panel finish while the panels are being moved.

As with any of Moderco’s operable room partitions, the 8000 Series is not just durable. It is also intended to fit the luxury and majesty of any large space.

Operable Partitions by Moderco


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What is the Signature 8000?

Traditional finishes are vinyl, fabric, and carpet. These finishes are offered in a wide range of colors and textures, suitable for every space and every application. The 8000 partitions offer more with wood veneers, plastic laminates, and specialty steels. Millwork moldings, inset trims, and other custom design finishes are also requested through installing distributors.

The 8000 frame comes in single (8600 and 8800) and paired (8500) panels. The 8600 and the 8800 are designed for supreme flexibility in layouts. The panels are suitable for openings of unlimited width and in multiple locations. Every single panel in this series uses two carriers. So they can move seamlessly through right angle turns; for every tall partition, it can also move through curves and pre-programmed switches.

The 8600, on the other hand, is designed with two panels hinged together using a single carrier centered in each panel. This makes the paired panel useful for straight line openings, moving quickly across the opening in groups of two.

The core of the 8000 panels is also filled with insulation. This allows the room partitions to gain desired the Sound Transmission Class (STC).

What are the Track Systems Used?

The Moderco 8000 uses four different aluminum track systems. The single panels use #33 and #55 (self-indexing four-wheeled carriers) while the paired panels use #44 and #45. The single panel’s counter rotating carriers (#33) allow navigation through right-angle intersections. This makes panel movement easy.

The aluminum tracks provide multiple benefits to the Moderco 8000:

• Strength stronger than steel;
• Easy installation;
• Quiet operation;
• Rust-free due to standard clear anodized finish, with optional coating, and
• No need for frequent lubrication to maintain operation.

All work surfaces are recessed with optional trim and trays. Choose from various surfaces including:

• Upgraded vinyl or fabrics
• No Vertical Face Trim
• Custom Colored Trim
• Window Cut Outs
• Marker board and Tackable surfaces<br

Other Key Features

Pass Doors – Provide service entrances, fire safety, egress, and general access. All doors have mechanical bottom seals, without sweeps dragging the floor. Sizing and hardware meet ADA requirements. It comes with optional exit signs, panic hardware, and closers.

Storage Pocket Doors – Used when the partition needs to be kept out of sight in a door closet. It features similar acoustic rating and construction as the operable walls. It comes in single, double, and bi-fold configurations.