Folding Partitions - 700 Series


Moderco® 700 Series

A technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing design.

Design and construction that provides a durable, unitized panel that will last for years of rugged use. Flexible layout options and very reasonable costs make this a value based best seller.

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Moderco 700 Series: Outstanding Design And Advanced Technology For Multiple Applications

Diverse finishes, double-reinforced welded steel, and operating clearance that accommodates many floor variations — these, and more, make the 700 Series system from Moderco the perfect fit for your specific application.

From Multi-purpose meeting rooms to Ballrooms

Whether you own a large commercial space or run a string of hotels, you will need the durability and aesthetic appeal of the 700 Series. The Moderco 700 Series is suitable for any type of event and at any scale. From corporate meetings to weddings, from trade exhibits to seminars, the 700 Series is designed for a variety of applications.

This operable partition uses welded steel frames that allow all substrates or skins to be mounted into the frame. The 741 and the 742 Series come in standard vinyl, fabric and carpet finishes. Moderco has designed the 700 Series with aesthetics in mind.

The 700 Series also comes in multiple options as well:

• Marker Boards
• Marker/Chalk Trays
• Eraser Pockets
• Same Construction Pass Through Door and Inset Exit Signs

This will lend your large spaces the versatility required for a wide range of events. With versatility, you’ll gain more bookings for your business.

Operable Partitions by Moderco


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The Construction

With a nominal panel thickness of 4″, the 700 Series’s basic panel construction is mixed with wraparound finishes, for that trim-less monolithic look. The smooth wall face is achieved through deep interlocking vertical astragals at all panel joints. Creating an acoustic seal.

The track system of the Moderco 700 series is engineered for quiet operation, corrosion resistance, and efficient carrier movement with the aid of a hard running surface. The tracking system also comes with three separate ceiling soffits, to ease alignment, and consistent shape, for end-to-end alignment.

The 741 individual panel system uses track and trolleys #33 while the 742 paired panel system uses the track and trolleys #45.

  • Walls are available up to 16′-3″ high.
  • Panels are Class A flame spread rated, with non-combustible, high-density faces.
  • Automatic horizontal bottom seals and fixed horizontal top sweep seals.
  • Standard Sheer Look® wrap-around panel edges.
  • Quiet and smooth aluminum track systems.
  • Strong and universally interlocking framing astragals on both panel edges.
  • Acoustical ratings of Sound Transmission Class available up to 54 (STC).
  • Electric operation with safety devices available for certain conditions.

Get Custom Pocket Doors

The pocket doors of the 700 Series are designed with one, two, or three sections — all meant to meet your specific use. Pocket doors also come in a complete range of acoustical and non-acoustical varieties.

Pass Door Features

• Heavy-duty welded laser cut steel panel and door framing system
• ADA-compliant push-pull door hardware
• Aluminum reinforced protective door edge trim
• Face-activated bottom seals with stabilizing downward seal force
• Field adjustable mechanical bottom seals on door leaf

What You Can Upgrade

• Complete panic bar hardware
• Concealed automatic door closer
• Inset exit sign
• Door viewer
• Door window
• Key lock on standard and panic bar hardware

The 700 Series models are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for two years. The track and trolleys are guaranteed for an extended five years.

Increase the functionality and appeal of your large spaces and you boost your bottom line. Let the 700 Series from Moderco help you achieve this very goal today.