Glass Dry Erase Board Surfaces

Clarus Glassboards and glass dry erase boards

Upscale Clarus Glassboards For Your Business

Top off your elegantly styled offices and meeting rooms with sleek and glossily immaculate Clarus Glassboards. Collaborative spaces have never been more inspiring and conducive to productivity with these glass dry erase boards installed by California-based architectural specialty products provider Commercial Systems.

Glassboard Float


Clarus Glassboards Float Series

Custom Colors & Sizes For Large Indoor Spaces

Clean lines and concealed mounting hardware make the Glassboard Float a great option for private offices, conference rooms and collaborative spaces.

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Clarus Glassboards Depth Series

A Visually Striking Design Element

The Glassboard Depth offers a more traditional design look with stainless steel standoffs which add a sense of dimension and balance to any space. Choose Depth for a classic, yet stylish Glassboard solution.

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Mobile Glass Dry Erase Boards


Clarus go! Mobile Series

Excellent Multifunction Design On The Go!

go! Mobile combines the Clarus commitment to glass excellence with rigid steel construction resulting in a forward thinking architectural solution.

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Furniture Glass Dry Erase Boards


Clarus Furniture Series

Glass Is The New Creative Desk Canvas

Furniture Glass is high quality, precision manufactured specialty glass designed for the exacting specifications of the office furniture industry.

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Wall Glass Dry Erase Boards


Clarus Architectural Series

Turn Your Wall Into A Creative Work Space

The Clarus Architectural Series offers a completely custom solution for environmental design and new build applications. Wrap an office all around in beautiful, crisp dry erase writing glass to create the perfect space.

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  • Streamlined Look
    With glass writing boards, you can transform any room into a stylishly efficient workspace. With their contemporary and innovative style, they are definitely modular for the more flexible quality of today’s offices, easily beating the stark utilitarian look of common whiteboards.
  • Excellent Function
    These modern writing boards are compatible with most writing implements, including pens (wet- or dry-erase), permanent markers, grease pencils, etc. They also easily wipe clean without leaving any trace of ghosting or staining. Writing has never been more a delight — and visuals, never been more attractively presented.
  • High Quality Green Materials
    Clarus Glassboards are manufactured with environmentally friendly, recyclable materials. Made from ¼-inch tempered safety glass, they are strong enough to withstand most hits. They are certainly so much more durable than traditional whiteboards and will likely last as long as your walls. As cost-effective as they are, it’s understandable why many offices now prefer them to the more disposable options.
  • Flexible Style
    These glassboards may be installed flush against the wall (Float) with all hardware concealed from sight, or mounted an inch off (Depth), using stainless steel standoffs. You can custom-order them almost any way you want. They can be magnetic. They can come in custom colors and sizes. They can even display grids, calendars, logos, and any other custom request.
  • Easy Installation
    Clarus glass writing boards are easy to install. By following a simple guiding template, you can have your glassboard up on your wall in no time at all.
  • Trusted Leading Name
    Clarus is the first name in glass whiteboards and has set the bar for quality in the entire industry. It is also known for innovation and exemplary customer service. When it comes to dry-erase systems, the company definitely offers the broadest lineup of products.

Clarus Glassboards will do wonders to fortify the impressive image of your office, but their benefits clearly go much farther beyond lending it grace and modern appeal. They are aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing function. They are extremely practical and so much more convenient to use than other wall-mounted writing surfaces.

Wow your clients and associates by presenting your written visuals on your upscale and visually striking Clarus Glassboard. Top off your elegantly styled offices and meeting rooms with sleek and glossily immaculate Clarus Glassboards. Commercial Systems offers free quotes on all our specialty products. Don’t wait, get yours today!

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