Operable Walls San Carlos, CAOffice solutions nowadays are aplenty; you can choose from creative choices, to environmentally friendly ones, to functionally versatile options. This is a great development considering how most offices these days have limited spaces, so if there are features that can be transformed or can serve other functions, the smaller working space becomes a non-issue because it does not hinder productivity or disrupt day-to-day operations.

When it comes to high quality, and functionally versatile office features or components, Panelfold operable walls naturally get mentioned; they have been around for decades and they are used by today’s top corporations – yes, even those that do not have space problems because they know that the operable walls, accordion doors and other office partitions offered by the company are fantastic investments.

How so?

It begins with durability. The products are built to last. Years can turn into decades and the walls, doors and other partition products will remain intact, unlike those created by other brands that do not only require users to engage in a battle of strengths just to operate them over time, but also lose their structural integrity. The brand’s products undergo rigorous physical testing to verify strength and to ensure a long service life. They come with 10- to 20-year warranties, but the products are expected to last the lifetime of the building. Worth mentioning too is that the steel and aluminum components can be salvaged and recycled should an office undergo renovations.

Operable WallsSecondly, the operable walls are user-friendly and can effectively reduce sound transmission between adjacent spaces. Great design and technology were used to create this advantage; plus, Panelfold recommends field sound testing of the operable walls after installation to ensure the product meets the specified noise isolation class. Because of this commitment to high standards, the brand’s operable walls have even managed to outperform solidly built permanent walls used for offices. It’s easy to divide big rooms with these walls and trust that the activity in one room would not affect or disturb those taking place in the next room.

Thirdly, Panelfold developed its own production methods; it would be hard to find other operable walls with the exact same composition and construction. According to the company, they have “… produced the ALPHA series of welded steel panels. Computer controlled inert gas welding coupled with heavy gauge prime steel sheet and frame members produce a panel with unparalleled strength, durability, and impressive noise stopping ability.”

Likewise, they developed a welded steel construction which allows for the fabrication of panels to widths of 60” and heights exceeding 45 ft. This means that any size of room can be fitted for operable wall installation. Unique joints also allow for field joining of smaller panel elements to create large folding, rotating, sliding or vertical lifting single panel elements – construction details absent from other “similar” products.

And lastly, the operable walls’ panels and tracks can be customized to meet the design requirements of the office. If the design of the room demands curved walls, Panelfold can create them easily and even make them electrically operated so they’re more efficient.