Maximizing space is very important for many of today’s commercial establishments; this is not only meant to ensure optimum function through a smart flow of activities in the workplace, but also to maintain aesthetics that encourage productivity. These are the main reasons why interior designers are exploring creative solutions that will easily achieve that particular objective despite space limitations.

One popular design strategy these days is using accordion doors which are deemed to be the best in meeting architectural specifications. These doors do not only provide a sleek and sophisticated appearance, but they also double as great partition walls for work spaces that need to be adjusted or transformed easily to accommodate certain activities.

High quality accordion doors such as the ones offered by Panelfold boast of impressive design versatility and durability. They come in a wide range of the finest materials, colors and patterns (to enhance the overall design of the room), sizes and configurations to choose from. It’s important to mention as well that they have other fancy features that make them smart investments for the best use of work space.

Other than these, the brand’s accordion doors provide more advantages and five are listed below.

  • They create bigger open spaces than regular doors because the panels are all pushed and gathered to one side and do not take up too much space. It’s important to mention as well that they easily lock in place, so nobody has to worry about using special stoppers to prevent the door from slamming shut.
  • They offer versatile functions because people can control how much they want to open or close the doors, especially when they want to manage the amount of illumination coming into a room, or assist ventilation and reduce energy consumption by quickly “decreasing” the size of a room. A lot of commercial buildings also use accordion doors to create clever semi-outdoor spaces, which is quite an architectural trend these days. Basically,these are rooms in the building that can open directly to a lawn or garden so there’s a nice fluid transition of the “inside to the outside.”
  • They can be electrically operated so closing and opening according to the functional requirements of the workplace can be made so much easier.
  • Panelfold’s accordion doors reduce sound transmission between adjacent spaces which is very important in minimizing distractions in the office.
  • They’re very easy to install and uninstall.