Metal lockers are a popular fixture in gym facilities, offices and schools. And there are several reasons behind this popularity.

For one, these lockers provide much-needed security. Furthermore, metal is known to be one of the sturdiest and most durable materials around. These metal lockers can surely outlast its counterparts and can handle quite a beating from daily use. These can effectively store even heavy items which would not be ideal if you chose lockers made with other materials. Some of these lockers even come with powder coated storage components, making them ideal for places where other types of lockers would be easily damaged.

But one quality of metal storage lockers that is not frequently discussed is the ease in cleaning and maintenance. Like any other type of locker, metal lockers that are not regularly cleaned and maintained can have shortened lifespans and become more prone to rusting and other types of damage. How easy is it to clean and maintain these lockers?

General care
Ideally, the surfaces of these lockers should be wiped with a wet cloth at least once a month. Quarterly, the surfaces should be wiped with a wax-based veneer using a cloth for application.

Locks and hinges
Every now and then, the hinges and locks of these lockers need lubrication. This will depend largely on where the lockers are used and how frequently their owners use them. If they are used on a daily basis, it is a prudent idea to regularly check the locks and hinges which should be lubricated or repaired accordingly.


Every now and then, you will notice scratches and abrasions on the surfaces of these lockers. In such instances, be sure to act upon these quickly as these could lead to the deterioration of the metal especially after prolonged exposure to moisture. Abrasion and scratches can be easily covered up by spot painting the affected areas.

Lost keys
Metal lockers It is not unusual for locker users to lose or misplace their keys. For such occasions, it is a good idea to keep a master key within easy reach. Otherwise, you may have to destroy a good lock and have it replaced.

Metal lockers are naturally more durable and stronger compared to other types of lockers. But learning how to properly clean and maintain these lockers can significantly increase their lifespans, allowing you to get better returns on your initial investment and help in increasing the satisfaction of their users.