Open Office Designs – People always say that open spaces create open minds; this is perhaps the reason why so many corporate headquarters today use open office designs.

According to interior designers, semi-outdoor spaces — those rooms that can be opened to eliminate the distinction between the indoors and outdoors using movable walls — and “transformable” rooms give workers a bigger view of the world.

“This never fails to open their eyes to more possibilities, increasing not just inspiration for work, but also joy in what they do.”

Many claim that office space designs allow them to literally see far and wide; their minds are given the opportunity to “travel” — there’s something liberating about not being confined within four walls. While humans are naturally gifted with copious amounts of imagination, it’s always nice to be “assisted” by a great view. Also, a view of the outside world helps them to shift their focus away from themselves and find solutions present in their surroundings.

It’s important to mention as well that open office designs offer the advantage of natural ventilation and better air circulation. This increases the physical comfort of workers, allowing them to breathe better, think more clearly, and focus more effectively. Likewise, the opportunity to breathe fresh air is known to reinvigorate the mind and spirit, diminishing both physical and mental types of stress that breed negative emotions.

Open office designs also improve illumination within the workplace.

Welcoming natural light into the office has proven health effects. It provides people vitamin D and it can trigger the release of endorphins that boost the immune system so that common illnesses are prevented from happening and moods can be improved. Additionally, natural light is so much better for the eyes; it can neutralize the uncomfortable brightness of artificial lights, preventing eye strain that can often lead to more complex visual problems.

And lastly, this versatile open office designs concept that makes use of movable walls can also make an interior space more functional.

By carefully moving the wall panels to certain areas and changing the shape of spaces, rooms can easily take on new functions. They can be turned into conference rooms or even smaller offices for employees who have earned the privilege to work in complete privacy. At the same time, with this office concept, there’s a good chance of reducing energy expenses, especially with the use of natural light to illuminate rooms and natural breeze for ventilation.

Indeed, open office designs are greatly advantageous. If you want to implement them for your own workplace, look for movable walls or operable partitions which are the most essential components of open design concepts.

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