A well-designed office is not merely a place where employees come to work. Rather, a great office enables workers to maximize their productivity, boosts morale, and even helps them get excited about going to work. Having the perfect office renovation design is crucial.

Conversely, a badly designed office can make the simplest of tasks difficult. Employees become frustrated as they waste their time and effort.

But even a well-designed office can lose some of its functionality. Sometimes, the workspace design needs to be revamped in order to reflect the changes in the workplace as well as the philosophy of the organization.

If you are planning to renovate the office or even change things up a bit, here are some office renovation design principles that can help you achieve the best outcomes.

Light and space

There are plenty of workspace design ideas that you can use. However, if you can only invest in two things, invest in the right type of light and provide ample space for employees.

The right type of lighting can boost mood and productivity, especially for employees who barely have enough time to go outdoors. Natural light can also make your employees attentive to detail and less prone to eye fatigue and headaches. One quick way to let more natural light into the office is to swap interior walls for glass walls.

When talking about space, this does not only refer to how big each employee’s desk is. Space may also refer to areas found in hallways and desks. Your goal is not only to provide enough room to move but, more importantly, to facilitate communication in the office floor as well.

Leave room for break-out spaces

Break-out spaces are different from office pantries and conference rooms. A break-out space is an informal place where employees can go in order to break the monotony, generate ideas, or simply talk to their co-workers.

Neat and tidy

If space is a premium in the office, one of the best ways to maximize the available real estate is to keep things neat and organized. In order to achieve that goal, you can ask your contractor to make room for storage spaces. Complement these with policies and practices like banning food at the work desk.

Get the right furniture

It may be tempting to cut costs by scrimping on furniture. But consider the fact that your employees sit in front of their desks for most of their work day. Poorly designed and uncomfortable furniture can lead to various maladies which in turn can lead to absenteeism and lowered productivity. Invest in ergonomic office furniture to counter these.


Branding extends from your marketing assets to the office space. In fact, one of your biggest branding tools can be your office space. Look at the identity that you want to establish for your company and find ways to infuse these elements into the overall theme and design of your office.

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