In a typical office, employees are often encouraged to increase their productivity by taking advantage of office productivity tools such as supplies, machines, software programs, apps, and other tools that will help them become individually more effective and efficient. While that’s only expected, it’s also important to help the staff work better by letting them have access to office productive tools that serve to make the workplace itself more productive.

It’s easy to focus on personal productivity, but there are also office productivity tools that address other areas in the day-to-day operations of a business. For instance, since it is common for a workday to involve presentations, it would be a smart move to invest in implements that can boost productivity in this respect.

When it comes to office productivity tools, the following items can go a long way in making work smoother and more impressive:

  • Magnetic marker board – This is great for reports, training, and brainstorming sessions. It can be customized to be any shape and size you want. The magnetic surface is great for displaying ready-made visual aids with the help of strong magnets. It also allows tidier storage of markers and erasers.
  • Glass dry erase board – This is a more elegant version of your token whiteboard. It works well for presenting pitches and proposals to clients. They will be impressed by its contemporary, streamlined, and sophisticated appeal. It can even double as a wall or a partition.
  • Projection screen – These days, most presentations are done with a laptop or a mobile device. It’s certainly more efficient to have a motorized projection screen to accommodate them. Not only will it make your presentation easier to execute as well as more engaging with a more attractive and flexible visual aid, it will also boost your competence in your clients’ regard.

Some superb office productivity tools that function to increase competence with regard to presentations and meetings is an operable partition. This is a great option for maximizing the space of your workplace. It comes in very handy when you need to make the meeting room smaller, divide it into several workable areas for simultaneous events, etc. There are different models available from Commercial Systems, so you can choose the one that suits your requirements best.

Being productive isn’t about putting in more time and effort. These tools show you that you get more satisfying results not by working harder but by working smarter. With smart solutions like the tools featured above, you can work better and finish faster.