It takes a lot of interior decorating ingenuity to create an office space where every implement can be both attractive and useful. Oftentimes, offices become quite cramped and cluttered because the collection of work essentials continues to expand as projects are accomplished one after another. It’s for this reason that office interior decorators are consistently on the lookout for multipurpose office space implements because with these products, not only do daily work operations get streamlined, but space is maximized as well to create a more comfortable office environment.

When it comes to multipurpose office space solutions, California-based architectural specialty products provider Commercial Systems can be trusted to provide an impressive range of products that are very useful and aesthetically appealing. Among their offerings are those sleek and elegant glass dry erase boards which are manufactured using top quality “green” materials. These writing boards are incredibly durable and can be expected to last a very long time, making them quite cost-effective as well.

What’s even more special about them is they can be installed anywhere; a lot of offices these days are very much impressed with these products and have decided that instead of the usual materials used as work space dividers, these glass marker boards would be so much better to use.

In opting for these products to use as work space dividers, a lot of offices claim that their paper consumption was reduced significantly. Employees no longer used sticky notes often because they can write information, messages Glass dry erase boards in custom colorand other reminders directly on these boards, and then easily erase them once they’re no longer relevant. There’s less clutter in the office, thanks to these fantastic products.

Aside from that, glass marker boards contribute to the overall look of office spaces since they can come in a variety of colors and sizes; it’s easy to find a design that can complement the color scheme of the office. Colors range from traditional picks (forest green, black, and white) to refreshing pastels (such as pink, sea foam green, sky blue, baby chick yellow, etc.), and they all easily provide a fresh pop of color to any room.

As for sizes, they can be custom-ordered. So, if offices want a full-size wall of this special writing board to display grids, calendars, charts, and others, they just need to provide accurate measurements to Commercial Systems, and the right-sized marker board they want will be created for them. It’s important to mention that these boards can also be magnetic, so not only are they more functional, but they’re more fun as well since they can be decorated with all sorts of magnetic items.