Energy can eat up expenses for your business. Your lighting, cooling and heating bills could skyrocket with increased use, and prevailing market conditions dictate higher prices. Whether you’re a small business operator or the owner of an international company, you cannot afford to let this significant cost affect your bottom line.

But money isn’t the only consideration why your organization should look into energy efficiency for your offices. An energy efficient workplace is also conducive to employee health and wellbeing.

Lower energy bills will keep your expenses manageable. And with a better, healthier workplace, your business gains higher productivity, increased efficiencies (with fewer absences), and overall improved performance from employees. With better employee performance, your business benefits from innovative ideas and retention of the most talented staff. So its impact may even exceed the savings you get from decreased energy bills.

Companies like Google have done just that with their offices. The company reports that with its investment in innovative designs on natural lighting, clean air and the intelligent use of natural resources, it has reduced health costs and improved employee satisfaction. With labor costs representing a significant portion of your expense, it only makes sense to secure employee health and wellbeing.

Research and educational foundation Rocky Mountain Institute reveals that there is substantial evidence proving energy efficiency creates a healthier workplace by reducing psychological stress and the number of sick days.

If you think energy efficiency requires huge funding, think again. While “green” offices do innovate its work environments through design and construction, there are more economical ways to transforming your workplaces.

One idea is to use blackout curtains for your business. These window treatments are designed to keep the heat in during winter and the heat out during summer. What happens is that you get to save money on heating and cooling costs. Blackout curtains also provide thermal comfort to employees in the building so not only will you save money but you will also provide a better work environment.

blackout curtains for your businessAlso, the curtains are quick and easy to install so there’s no risk to employee downtime, and you can get them custom-fitted to your specifications. Blackout curtains also provide thermal comfort to employees in the building.

Energy efficiency should not just become a passing trend, keeping your company in the same league as the big brands. Energy efficiency should become part of your business goal because it can deliver multiple benefits. From reduced energy bills to improved employee performance, energy efficiency will improve your business today.