Marker boards have become a permanent fixture in various campuses around the country, offering several benefits to both students and their teachers. And because of these benefits, many offices have begun buying and using these helpful tools, aiding them in improving efficiency in the workplace and allowing them to reap benefits like better communication and increased productivity and creativity.

But how exactly can you use a marker board in your office (or home office)?

For task lists

Indeed, technology has paved the way for increasing productivity and fostering good communication among employees. However, these technologies have their limitations. In order to remedy this, you can utilize a marker board so that everyone on your team knows the tasks they need to accomplish in order to successfully complete a current project. Just make sure that you place the board in an accessible and visible area.

For communication

Whether you want a platform to communicate with every team member, including those who are frequently out of the office, or you simply want an area where you can place inspirational quotes, you will see that a marker board can capably perform both tasks.

As a calendar

The prompt completion of a project depends on your team members being aware of the tasks that need to be completed based on a designated timeline. In order to keep everyone onboard and prevent confusion, you can use a marker board as a calendar. Make sure to mark important dates as well as the tasks that need to be turned over on these dates.

For brainstorming

Marker BoardsThe success of some projects relies on finding new solutions to old problems. More often than not, that requires putting together your heads to pitch ideas.

During your brainstorming sessions with your team, each member can use the marker board to illustrate an idea. In turn, other members can bounce off their ideas from these until you find a final solution that all of you can work toward.

For important contact information

While today’s phones have become powerful and offer great features, sometimes, finding the contact information of a team member can be quite tedious. One great way to avoid this is to use a marker board as a repository of the contact information of team members. With a quick glance at the board, you can immediately get the information you need.

For presentations

A marker board can perfectly complement video and slide show presentations, allowing a speaker to fully explain ideas and illustrate points which would not be possible by simply speaking or using other visual aids.