Your office environment has a direct impact on the level of productivity and quality of performance of your employees. The color scheme that you choose, the furniture you use, the type of lighting, the fixture and the décor – all these affect how people move and interact with each other, how work processes flow and how ideas and information are exchanged and delivered.

That’s why forward-thinking companies are now taking more effort into building office spaces that encourage flexibility and efficiency. They’re looking into how to make each area more inspiring and conducive for doing great work. They believe that with a few changes and some select investments, they can help motivate their employees as well as enjoy good ROI with smart office design.

For many offices today, one of these key investments includes Panelfold operable partitions. These innovative space division systems allow you to make improvements and upgrades to the layout and flow of your space without the hassle and cost of renovations.

With Panelfold folding walls, you can achieve the following tips for setting up a more productive work space:

Use color to your advantage. Color affects people’s mood and behavior. Bold hues stimulate the senses while softer tones soothe the mind. Panelfold partitions are made with high-quality finishes that come in various colors and textures, so you can choose the best look for your office.

Operable Partitions for Office Interior San FranciscoDesign according to purpose. Plan your floor layout to give ample space to the type of work being done. The best floor plan for the accounting department won’t necessarily be suitable for the creative department or the telemarketing section.You can make the space suited exactly to your needs easily by making use of electronically adjustable partitions.

Encourage focus. While energy and interaction fuels team performance, you also need to give individuals the privacy they need to get work done. Panelfold partitions can provide enclosures for employees so they can continue to concentrate even in a busy office environment. The panels are also equipped with soundproofing to help minimize noise levels.

Give sufficient breathing space. Using panels instead of putting up walls can create an illusion of separation without totally closing off the space. This is a great idea for offices with a limited floor area. It also works as well for large spaces that need to look more balanced and not too imposing.

Get rid of clutter. A well-organized office promotes a well-organized work flow. But a working space will naturally have some amount of stuff constantly lying around – paperwork, unfinished projects, plans, and other works in progress that you can’t just shove inside your cabinets. A move able partition temporarily covers the chaos, making them still accessible without being eyesores.