Work environments require spaces where people can meet, present ideas, collaborate on projects and discuss all kinds of subjects. Because these brainstorming discussions can involve plenty of details, a variety of processes (both simple and complex), and different stages of progress, simply hashing things out verbally may not be enough to get everyone on the same page throughout the course the conversation. Magnetic glass marker boards are an excellent idea to adding style and function to the workspace.
 A helpful solution would be to get everyone looking at magnetic glass marker boards where abstract ideas can be fleshed out to help everyone in the room visualize and understand the concepts being discussed. With these visual aids, everyone’s contributions can be well presented, explained, clarified, and explored further, and the brainstorming session can thus become an effective endeavor that can help the company move closer toward its plans and goals.
But why choose a glass white board—won’t a conventional whiteboard suffice (such as Clarus Glassboards from leading architectural specialty products provider Commercial Systems)?

Here are some excellent reasons why Magnetic Glass Marker Boards would be a better fit for any company striving for excellence in its field:

They help facilitate dynamic discussions with their add-and-omit capabilities.
Unlike outdated classroom blackboards that can only be used with chalk, modern glassboards are compatible with most writing implements (permanent markers, wet-or dry-erase pens, grease pencils, etc.). Whatever you write on the boards can be easily wiped clean without staining or ghosting. Writing on these boards (and erasing any unneeded points) during discussions becomes a quick and efficient affair, thus contributing to the smooth flow of the session. They can be installed in no time at all. Your glassboard provider can get these products installed in your meeting and conference rooms just by following a simple guiding template. There’s no reason for important meetings to be delayed because the boards can be up and available to use immediately.
They can be flexibly customized to suit any workspace design.
Compared to the plain and more utilitarian standard whiteboard, glassboards offer a more modern, streamlined and stylish look that will make any meeting room look impressive and highly appealing.
They give companies an opportunity to utilize green materials and contribute to preserving the environment.
Modern glassboards are manufactured with recyclable materials. In addition, they are designed to be durable and to withstand contact, which means they can be used for a long time—and that translates not only to reduced waste but to cost savings as well.
Brainstorming sessions don’t always bring people who carry their own visual aids or materials together. Some professionals may work better by discussing matter s in front of a room, with a board ready to contain thoughts, ideas, questions and arguments. A modern workspace with a stylish and functional glass whiteboard can indeed be the place where great things can take shape.