Sliding Glass Doors

Klein: Quality Sliding Glass Door Track Systems
Elevate the visibility, connectivity, and natural light of your commercial or residential interior space with the aesthetic design and energy saving of sliding glass doors. Enjoy the quality Klein frameless track system paired with floor to ceiling glass panels sourced locally in Northern California.

Fixed and Sliding Glass Doors

Enhance your architectural design and acoustic features through integrating the sliding glass door with fixed side glass panels. Available with a soft closing system.


Fixed and Sliding Glass Doors with Soft Closing System


Fixed and Sliding Glass Doors

Bi-Parting Glass Doors

Bi-parting glass doors enable wider access with a clear opening up to 16’-8” for large meeting or conference areas. Available in manual operation as well as “matic” that synchronizes all doors to open or close while moving only one door.


Bi-Parting Telescopic Doors


Bi-Parting Telescopic Doors


Bi-Parting Doors with Glass Sidelites

Corner Glass Doors

Corner sliding glass doors provide a seamless transition from closed to open spaces. Available with telescopic or bi-parting doors.


Corner Telescopic Door with Glass Sidelites


Corner Bi-Parting Doors with Glass Sidelites

Telescopic Glass Doors

The telescopic glass door system provides open clearing up to 8′-4″ for flexible space design. Move only the lead door to include the trailing door with synchronized telescopic doors.


Telescopic Doors

Transom Glass Door

Save space and gain opening flexibility with transom glass doors where the slider can be mounted anywhere above the door height for additional light value.


Transom Glass Bi-Parting Doors


Transom Glass Door

Self Closing Glass Doors

Maintain acoustic privacy, energy savings, and convience with self closing glass doors.


Self Closing Glass Door

Professional Sliding Glass Doors

Need help choosing the right sliding glass door track system for your space? Get in touch with our specialists and let us find the perfect solution for you.

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Discover how Klein sliding glass doors provide bright, open designs and LEED energy efficiency. From local businesses to huge convention centers, Commercial Systems will source and install the perfect sliding glass door system for you.