Walls are integral components of building structures. Most of the time, especially in commercial buildings, walls are used as mounts for all sorts of items to be displayed such as posters, charts, etc. Likewise, people attach things to them — like lighting implements, boards, and shelving to cite a few. Because they have various functionalities, they are quite prone to damage.

It’s important to mention as well that walls easily get damaged because people are not careful with them; people know they’re sturdy, so they don’t think much about leaning things against it and dinging it with tables, trolleys, chairs and other items.

Such damages do not instantly compromise the stability of the walls, but they do create an aesthetically displeasing sight. For commercial buildings, small cracks, holes, stains and scratches on walls easily create a negative impression on business operations; in the eyes of customers, it would appear that the business organization doesn’t have earn enough money for repairs, or that it’s simply a sloppy company that doesn’t care about demonstrating good quality in all aspects of its operations.

Businesses can perhaps carry out repairs since cracks, holes, stains and scratches are easy and cheap enough to take care of. However, this would mean that every time the wall takes a hit, repair has to be performed right away – it’s not cost- and time-efficient.

To make sure that walls look nice for a long time, prevention of damage is more practical than repair; and to prevent damage, applying wall protection is the best thing to do. Wall protection minimizes damage, protects doors and walls, improves hygiene and cleanliness, and it can be custom designed to go with the overall design of the rooms or even enhance style.

Currently, there are different wall protection products available, and among them are wall corner guards which can be used in various applications. For hospitals and other health care facilities, these guards protect walls against the movement of beds, chairs, trolleys, stretches, and tables. Meanwhile, in schools, these products protect doors from kids’ tendency to slam doors or open them too widely. Other commercial establishments that can benefit from wall corner guards are airports, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and the like.

Wall ProtectionAnother product utilized by commercial operations is stainless steel wall protection. This is commonly used for food preparation facilities, laboratories or any establishment wherein proper hygiene is a paramount to operations. This product is easy to clean and it protects walls from impact without compromising the interior design of the facility.

With these products, businesses no longer have to worry so much about their daily activities damaging their facility and creating the wrong impression on their customers or clients; they get to maintain a clean and flawless appearance with lower maintenance.